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F O R E V E R   K I D S   K E N Y A

Behind the scenes

January 23, 2018

We are back to the interview series, which we started last year. Today we want to introduce our actual school director Joseph Muli. Read the interview here and for any further questions to Joseph, just comment below:


Name: Joseph Muli Moki
Age: 30
Education: Bachelors of Environmental Studies (Arts)
With Milele Elimu centre since: June 2017

What is your role at Milele Elimu Centre?

I am the manager of the school program. I ensure the school and other related programs run as per the project outlined program. This includes resource management and providing my team with supportive working environment towards delivering their goals.

Why do you like working with children?

Children are like angles on earth. They give joy, peace, renew our energies and give us a reason to work to ensure that they get the best future for themselves and their families. It is a blessing I must admit.

What pleases you at Milele Elimu Centre?

The fact that we are providing a key tool in human life (education) to the kids from disadvantaged communities, it’s already more than one could ask for right?

And what do you do during your free time?

Being new to Mombasa every little free time I manage to get from my tight work schedule is an opportunity to explore Mombasa which is rich in culture and amazing places to visit. Relaxing and jogging along the beach (Diani is my favourite place to be). Nature, camping and bonfire once in a while bring some relaxing atmospheres from the usual day to day life pressure.

What is your wish for the future of Milele Elimu Centre?

To have success stories from our own kids who have undergone education to their highest desired targets and have become mentors to the next generation. Being able to acquire own land space where we will not be limited to space for our full potential growth as an education institution and other related programs towards our goal for community empowerment.

Last question, your favorite dish?

Traditional vegetables (managu) and fried liver with ugali (maize meal).

Behind the scenes

March 19, 2017

We continue with the "Behind the scenes" series! Today we want to introduce to you one of the members of Forever Kids Kenya. Read the interview here:

Name: Sandra Senn
Age: 33

Since when do you work with Forever Kids Kenya?

Since the very beginning in May 2013.

What is your responsibility in the group?

Mainly Marketing and Events based things such as organizing the flea markets, charity parties, printings etc. Searching for sponsors to decrease our expenses etc. Now we are 4 people sharing the work.

Why do you like working with the organization?

Because we are working for a great cause. It warms my heart to see the happy faces of the kids even if we just do a little. Also we are all very close. Some being friends from early childhood on or related.

What is your greatest experience since working with the group?

Oh there are sooo many. Every new experience is a great one. Our first flea market, first charity party, our first bigger donation who wasn´t somehow related to us… However, the best ones are those, when we go to Mombasa to visit our partner school Milele Education Centre. I'm always very proud to see all the progress and improvements the school made. It's always very hard to leave because they became friends, they became family. In 2015 I stayed in Kenya and Zanzibar for almost 2 months. I was able to get to know the teachers and pupils better. I learned a lot about their culture, daily live, and was able to celebrate the school Christmas event with them.

What is your future wish for the school?

To grow bigger and stay successful. That all parties stay happy, healthy and that the pupils so as the teachers love to continue to go to school. I hope we can manage to buy property for the school, which is big enough so that we can include baby class and secondary school as well. I do hope, and we are working hard for it, that we get more attention and the trust of the people so we can fulfill those wishes for the Milele Education Centre.

What do you do when you're not working?

I like to try out new things. Like do-it-yourself stuff such as deodorant, lip balm, decoration stuff…I tried to knit/do crochet, but til now I haven´t finished anything yet ^_^ I love to cook for friends and myself. I'm an expert when it comes to try out recipes I've never tried before - I never stick with the recipe and add some other things into it, haha. As much as I can I try to travel, even if it's just a short trip here in Switzerland. There are still a lot of places to explore. Music, I love to go to concerts and festivals. There's a lot to mention, but sometimes just relaxing at home and doing nothing feels like heaven.

Behind the Scenes

October 1, 2016

We are back to our "behind the scenes" series and today we introduce to you Mr. Juma who is a teacher at the Milele Education Centre. Read the interview here:

Name: Dickson Juma

Age: 23

Since when have you been working for Milele Education Centre?

I started working for Milele on February 3rd, 2015.

What is your role/responsibility at Milele Education Centre?

I'm a teacher and mentor to the students.

Why do you like working in this school?

There is peace and harmony. Also the kids/students are respectful and loving.

What is your greatest experience since you're working with Milele Education Centre?

I have a lot of great experiences from Milele since I came here. But mostly, the joy of children whom you teach and the thought of changing their lives in a positive way.

What is your wish for the future of Milele Education Centre?

I wish the school will be recognized national and have more sponsors to uplift this great potential of slum children here. It is going to be one of my great wishes.

What is your wish for your personal future?

My personal wish is to be a writer, I really want to write about the dirty politics that goes on in Africa and the corruption of it's government.

What do you do during your free time, out of work?

Well, I go jogging, play football and read a lot.

If you could change anything in the school, what would you do?

Well to me, I'm happy with how things are so far.

If you could change your role in the school, what would you like to be?

I think because of my age, I'm still young and still learning more in this education system, so I guess for the time I'm happy with the role as a teacher.

Behind the Scenes

September 13, 2016

We always update you about the happenings and activities at Milele Education Centre. But what about the people in the background, the ones helping us to do what we are doing? We want you to know more about those people and will start posting interviews with the staff "behind the scenes", as well as interviews with some of our children every once in a while. So here we go, and today you'll learn about our school director Mark! Read here:

Name: Mark Kelian Tipatet


Age: 30


Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management & Community Service

Since when have you been working for Milele Education Centre?

Since it started in December 2012. I'm among the co-founders of the school and the project to help kids from poor backgrounds.

What are you doing at Milele Education Centre?

I am the Director of the school, hence I manage the school, I plan for it, I organize and implement the school's objectives, goals and mandate.

What do you like the most when you work with children?

This project is a special one for me because you meet kids from disadvantaged families. As you see them grow and improve, you can note a big difference from before they came to school compared to now that they are regularly in school. I'm happy to be able to make a positive change in their lives as well as their families and the community.

What pleases you at Milele Education Centre?

The whole system and organizational structure of the project is unique in this area where basically we don't make profit but the community benefits directly from us. For me it is an exciting job, which is very challenging but very fruitful and satisfying.

What do you do during your free time, out of work?

It is a bit hard to define my free time, because of my role as the Director I am almost throughout involved with school. But when I enjoy my free time, I like going to the beach on weekends for relaxation and football, as I am lucky to live at the coast.

What is your wish for the future of Milele Education Centre?

To see it grow and to help as many people as possible, not necessarily only in Mombasa but nationwide.

What is your wish for your personal future?

Being a person who impacts positively into people's lives through education and community.

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