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Taewkondo lessons

March 25, 2020

Unfortunately, Kenya was not spared from the corona virus either. On the same day as Switzerland, the Kenyan President ordered the closure of all schools throughout the country. The children will stay at home until further notice. We hope that the situation there will not worsen too much and that they have taken precautions early enough. But before the schools were closed, we had an encouraging event to report: Taekwondo lessons were introduced! A first insight and a some trial lessons for interested students. We hope that the Milele Elimu Centre will soon be able to resume normal school life and thus the Taekwondo lessons can be intensified! The first lessons were already very exciting for our children!

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Two beautiful weeks in Mombasa

February 11, 2020

"Two beautiful and very memorable weeks spent at school, with my family, my friends, my kids, my loved ones. So happy to see how they're growing up, getting matured and how they can't forget me. My heart belongs to them. Not much words to say, the pictures will tell you everything. Until we meet again soon... I left Mombasa with a heart full of new memories ~ and I will be coming back for more."

- Nadja Kaufmann

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A day at the beach

February 2, 2020

This years class 8 are the candidates who will do their KCPE exams by end of October this year, means they will finish their 8 year primary education and then next year hopefully continue with the secondary education. It is well known that the class 8 works extra hard in their last year, studying more than ever, using up most of their free time. That's why a very spontaneous visit to the beach on a Saturday afternoon was a very welcome and fun change! Moments and memories that will be kept forever! And this is what happens when the kids take over my camera...

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Interview with Kelvin Ochieng

January 26, 2020

After the opening of our partner school Milele Elimu Centre in 2013, Kelvin was in the pioneer class that in 2015 finished class 8 and therefore primary education. Not only that, but from there he continued to secondary education, and four years later he is among our pioneer students who finished secondary just last November! During the four years of secondary school he used to come and visit the Milele Elimu Centre quite often, during his school vacation or during end year, and specially also for the christmas parties held yearly in school. As he says, the Milele school is a family and the kids become very attached to it. Once Milele, always Milele!

We are proud of all of you who finished secondary education and will continue to support in any way we can, hoping for a bright future for all of you!

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm_eTIn6GeY

Meeting with our former primary students

January 21, 2020

Just after we arrived in Mombasa we had our first official meeting with our former primary students. Those who graduated with our partner school Milele Elimu Centre and proceeded to secondary school or did other courses. We just made it in time to meet everyone in Mombasa before they went back to school in the first or second week of January. Many of them go to a boarding school far away from Mombasa and just come home when there is a long vacation or the school year is over. It was a great pleasure to meet most of them again. We had nice talks and shared some more memories together! Even if they leave our primary school they are still part of the Milele Family and always will be! They always find an open door at our school and are very welcome for visits anytime. Milele Elimu Centre keeps in touch with them personally 2 - 3 times every year.

Ibtisam and Joel, who are among the first ever students of ours to finish the secondary education, are awaiting the invitation letters to the university, which will follow only in a few months. For the time being, we gave them the opportunity to gain some work experience and make a first living for themselves as intern teachers in our primary school. The first two weeks have passed and both of them are doing very well in teaching their younger students! We are proud of you!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Back in Mombasa

January 15, 2020

After a little over a year we are back with our children and employees. Despite the short two weeks we enjoy the moments with everyone at the Milele Elimu Centre. How we missed them! A lot has already happened in the first week and we already had some events that we will show in a later post. Here are some beautiful impressions from school in Mombasa!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Happy new year to all of you!

January 1, 2020

While the children and their parents usually long for the big Christmas celebration at our partner school Milele Elimu Centre, the staff look forward to the year-end outing trip! For two years now, not just a day trip but an overnight trip has been planned. We want to give the hard working staff a break where they can relax and mostly have fun with each other! Because the success of our students comes with them! Ahsanteni sana!!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

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