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Christmas feast

December 30, 2015

Christmas season is here and it is also celebrated at our partner school: on Friday, December 5th 2015 all kids with the parents were invited to come and celebrate at the school. After the children's entertainment they started serving a rich meal for everybody, which was the highlight of the day! They distributed Pilaw (spiced rice with meat), Chapati (like a flat bread), Mandazi (sweet pastry), Maharagwe (beans), Salad, Cupcakes, Bananas & Sodas! Everybody was simply happy about all this food, which was donated by Sandro Steimer, Gerardo Palmisano & Nicolas Kleiner from Switzerland! The children & parents surely won't forget this sumptuous meal. We are very grateful for your generous gesture and say ASANTE SANA!


At the end of the celebration they also distributed secondhand clothes to the parents of the kids, which they brought home with happy faces. What a wonderful day for all!


More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Last school day

December 7, 2015

On Friday, November 20th 2015 the school year has officially ended and the closing day was full of programs. First they had a small ceremony for the Kindergarden 3 Class, who now have left the Nursery and step into the Primary Education. For leaving the Nursery behind them they were given a certificate and also posed for a picture with the parent and the School director. All parents were invited for closing day and the kids entertained them with programs such as singing, dancing, fashion show, poets & acrobatics.

As usual on closing days, the best 3 students of each class were rewarded with small gifts from school. The special guest Sandra Louise Senn Mecuando (Member of Forever Kids Kenya) was honored to give out the gifts to the kids.

The highlight of the day was surely the short visit to the beach at the end of the day, where the children enjoyed swimming and playing in the water and the older kids with the staff challenged each other with beach football.

All in all it was a very exciting 2015 for Milele Education Centre with many improvements throughout the year. For all of this we are expressing our deepest gratitude to each and everybody, who has helped us along the way. Without you and your big hearts, we couldn't be where we are now!


More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Christmas present

November 29, 2015

Are you looking for a Christmas present?

Do you have no clue what you could wish from Santa Claus? Or are you still looking for a suitable x-mas present for your beloved ones?


We have the perfect idea for you!


Buy one of our colourful kitchen aprons and support at the same time students from a Kenyan slum school and Ugandan tailors. You can get the stylish aprons for only 30 CHF a piece, an additional 10 CHF are charged for mailing (in Switzerland only). Sales revenue is fully used to finance the running of the „Milele Education Centre“ in Mombasa, Kenya. Please help us to provide quality education to slum children in need.


Send us an email with your contact information using the subject “Christmas present” to and tell us how many aprons you would like to order.


If you would like to donate this money in the name of someone, please indicate the name of this person and your own name and we will issue a Christmas present certificate for you.


Thank you very much for your generosity!


Your Forever Kids Kenya team

Special visitors

November 25, 2015

Last week there were some special visitors at Milele Education Centre: Shian Kaufmann & Jamila Müller brought a lot of excitement and happiness to the kids. For this and all the additional goodies they distributed, we say ASANTE SANA and they will be welcomed any time again! It was an enjoyable day for the whole school!

More picures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Second organizational visit to Mombasa

November 14, 2015

The members Pia, Kate, Sandra and 4 other donors visited the children and the staff of the Milele Education Centre in Mombasa and were impressed on the development and improvements. Sandra says "I'm so overwhelmed to see how the school, the teachers and children have developed in less than a year and I'm also happy to see so many known faces again". Also Kate is enthusiastic and says "I'm already looking forward to the next visit". Our donors, who accompanied us, were touched. "It is nice to see how happy the children are for being able to go to school. Their happiness was contagious and made us smile the whole day".

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Final exams

November 9, 2015

We are proud to announce that from tomorrow the first ever Class 8 of Milele Education Centre are going to sit for their KCPE national final exams, which marks the end of the primary education in Kenya. For three years, since MIlele's existance, they have been with the school and are part of the Milele Family. We wish them all the best for the coming exams and a bright future ahead!

Waterballoon war

November 9, 2015

Here comes the promised video from the last sportsday on the beach. For the first time they introduced the game "Waterballoon War", probably the first ever played in Mombasa. The staff and kids loved it, you can literally feel their excitement! On this video you see how the kids try to approach each other, not yet sure on how to start

You can find the video here.

Sportsday at the beach

October 21, 2015

Another sports day on the beach... The first time was so nice that it might become a habit :-) And this time they brought the whole primaries, from Class 1 up to Class 8. Check out the impressions through the pictures. Oh and they also introduced a totally new game: waterballoon war (wait for the video to be uploaded)! A total day of fun for everyone!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Third medical camp

October 12, 2015

We are happy to announce that the 3rd Medical Camp has taken place at Milele Education Centre! And this time it was the biggest ever done: not only the 260 kids from our school did benefit, but also their parents were invited and even the kids of the neighbouring school Nyota Ing'arayo joined the free medical check up. It was a very successful day - all of of this was made possible by International Medical Aid, we say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! AHSANTENI SANA!

You can find the video here.

Staff event

October 1, 2015

Staff event the 2nd!


After a hardworking and exhausting day (for the first time and for a whole day they did computer lessons to teach the staff, starting with theory only) the fun part was on: Bowling! This game was very exciting as it was a new experience for everybody, most of them have never even heard of the existance of this game. Though being beginners, they handled the ball and pins quite well. And everybody is looking forward to the next round of Bowling!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Teambuilding Workshop

September 5, 2015

As school is closed for vacation, the staff remain busy and still stay connected with school. For the first time something was organised that on one side will improve the skills of the staff (communication, group work, trust, reaching goals together, creativity etc.) and on the other side is a lot of fun: Teambuilding event the first!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Beach sports day

August 16, 2015

Every school term ends with a sports day before the kids go home for vacation, and this is the biggest event they always look forward to! As they now have the rainy season in Kenya, the sports field was flooded. What to do? The staff had the best idea: why not take a 30 min. walk and have the sports day at the beach..? And so they did! Together with the upper classes they started their adventure...and it was awesome!

You can find the video here.

​Even in the slum creativity has no limits!

August 11, 2015

For the first time Milele Education Centre has done a creative arts contest. The excitement among the contributing kids (Class 4 - 8) was huge and the ideas almost never ending. The condition: in small groups the kids had to come up with their own projects, use their own materials, without the help of any teacher. We were impressed! See for yourself on these pictures!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Article in the local news paper "Aargauer Zeitung"

July 19, 2015

Check out today's issue of the swiss newspaper AARGAUER ZEITUNG! Interview with the president of Forever Kids Kenya and the director of Milele Education Centre! ^_^ Otherwise you can find the link of the online-report here:

Thank you to the Secondary Classes from Niederweningen!

June 25, 2015

A big THANK YOU goes to the Secondary Classes from Niederweningen, Switzerland, who have put a lot of efforts in fundraising to make more dreams for our kids come true. We are grateful to the teacher Peter Derks, who has brought us together. Have a look in the video, what our kids responded to them!

You can find the video here.

The new school uniform is here!

April 1, 2015

When was it the last time you bought a new T-Shirt for you? Was it yesterday or last week? We live in abundance and our wardrobe is full. But not in Kenya. Our children in Kenya had to wait a little bit longer, but, now, the uniforms are ready: Now it’s even more fun to wear uniforms! Thanks to the generous support during christmas promotion.

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page on our partner school.

A warm welcome to our new member Liliane Häusler

March 13, 2015

We are very pleased to announce that a new member will be joining Forever Kids Kenya. Liliane Häusler has voluntarily accompanied the other members during their first visit to Mombasa and grew fond of the children right away. After her wonderful experience with the kids she was drawn to join our organization. Liliane will strengthen our marketing and events team with immediate effect. We are looking forward to her active support and would like to offer her a warm welcome.

The party pics are here!

March 4, 2015


Finally the safari pictures are ONLINE for you! Check it out and enjoy! Thanks for coming: You are such a fabulous crowd! It was an unforgettable night of partying. Cheers!

All pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

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