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End year trip

December 31, 2017

Everybody wants to end the year in style... And we are not any different! Our children and their parents had the Christmas party in school, where everybody came for the feasting and the fun. Now it's time for our hard working staff, who always make sure that things run as they should. That our 300 children get fed and properly educated every day. That they love coming to school, rather than staying at home. Yes, it's time to reward those people! And thanks to Eagle Camp Mida Creek we ended the year in big style! A weekend full of fun, activities, boot camp, boat rides and great food. We all had a break from working and were able to lay back and enjoy. Thank you Eagle Camp, it has been unforgettable and hopefully we can come back one day!


We wish everyone a happy new year and may the new year bring you a lot of love, happiness and success in your lives!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

School Christmas party

December 25, 2017

A yearly tradition of ours is to celebrate the Christmas season with all our children and their parents. A day full of joy, happiness, laughter, fun, games & with lots of food. Even curious neighbors come and join us these days. This big feasting is possible thanks to some very generous people: Sandro SteimerGerardo PalmisanoNicolas Kleiner & Jonas Brauen. We thank you from deep of our hearts for making this day such a special one and we wish you guys and everybody out there a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

More pictues can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Christmas cards

December 22, 2017

Did you like the self made christmas cards that you received a few days ago? Our children loved making them! Such creative projects always bring a lot of fun, joy, laughter and also proudness of themselves! Every card was uniquely handmade by the Class 4 to the Class 7 kids. The children want to show you their appreciation for your continuous support and wish you joy, love and happiness during this festive season!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Christmas present

December 12, 2017


We have the perfect gift idea for you! Sponsor a swimming lesson for the students of the Milele Education Centre! A swimming lesson or a visit at a public pool is very common in Switzerland. However, for people living in a slum in Kenya this pleasure is financially impossible.


With a donation of CHF 30.00 you will provide a professional swimming lesson for 40 students. Please help us to improve the quality of education to slum children in need.


Just send an email with the subject "Christmas gift", your full contact details and donation amount for the swimming lessons to


If you would like to donate in the name of a loved one, please let us know the full name of this person as well as your own name and we will send you a Christmas gift certificate by email.


Thank you very much for your valuable support!


Your Forever Kids Kenya Team

5oj Cares

November 30, 2017

Two ideas, two projects but a similar intention with full compassion:
To make this small world a little bit more fair and trying to make humanity a tiny bit more human. We both believe in co-creating to have a bigger impact.

Thanks to our partner "5th of June" ( who offers beneath ecological and sustainable clothes also the option to donate for us « Forever Kids Kenya ». Check out some organic clothes for you :

Our volunteer Céline

November 21, 2017

Our school year has ended and we are reflecting on one of the highlights we had earlier this year, as we welcomed our volunteer Céline Kramer in our school. Unforgettable moments! Read here about her experience:

"While travelling in Madagascar for almost 1 month in 2016 I felt the wish of wanting to volunteer. Unfortunately it took quite a while until I was able to realize my wish. But on the 20th of February 2017 I started my first day as a volunteer at the Milele Education Centre. This time from a new and personal perspective and not as a member from Forever Kids Kenya as before.


Even though lacking a teaching background, I still wanted to do something meaningful for the school. Nadja and Mark have made some suggestions on how to involve me in the time table and so I had the chance to participate in all the classes. I was given the task to lead the “creative arts” lessons and I was also able to prove my French with some of the classes. My assistance during the sports and swimming lessons was also appreciated. Additionally I even had the chance of helping out with administrative works on my first day, for example the official registration of the class 8 students, who would do their final national exams by the end of this year. As a member of Forever Kids Kenya I was eager to get an overview of how the school is running and this was fulfilled, as I was involved in the daily time table of the students as well as some administrative works from the office of Nadja and Mark.


Working with the students has left positive feelings in me. Every creative art lesson was a highlight. Entering the class room for the first time, I was positive surprised as I never saw so many smiling faces at once. Before my first lesson I was a bit skeptical because I thought the children might find it boring to do something like folding paper into boats. But my concerns passed quickly. I noticed that the children were very happy about my presence alone. Astonishingly I have taught them something that they haven’t done before. And they made me feel happy about teaching them something new. After my creative art lesson it seems like everyone was injected with the paper folding virus.


During my short stay I was able to learn a lot about Kenya and their culture. The mutual interest and the incredible warmth which I experienced in a very short time just made me feel overwhelmed. I will never forget the long lasting memories, the interesting conversations and on top of that all the smiling faces of the children. On my last day in school the children sang and performed for me, which was their way of showing their appreciation. They told me that I shall never forget them. The two intensive weeks at the Milele Education Centre passed by so quickly. I packed all the wonderful memories and unforgettable moments in my backpack and went back with it to Switzerland. It really was an unforgettable time and an educational experience. For me one thing is clear. I will come back again and I’m already thinking how I can contribute to the school’s benefit for the next time."

Closing day

November 11, 2017

The school year has ended, the 3rd term of the year was a very short one, and now all children will enjoy a very long holiday, before the school starts again in January. On the last closing day of the year, they included a graduation ceremony for Kindergarden 3, who have left the "nursery" status and will now enter the world of primary education. It was a proud moment for all the graduants with their parents! Otherwise, they had the usual entertainment program for the parents and the prize giving ceremony for the best performing pupils of each class. And last but not least, there was a very special guest to join them on that special day, karibu Sandra Senn!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

"Behind the scenes" of the animal masks

October 16, 2017

The weekend is over and we would like to thank everybody who has shown us some love in showing up at the Party Safari 5! Thanks to all of you it was a big succes! We appreciate everyone's support and contribution and we hope you had a great night with great people! The Party Safari 6 will surely follow !

Did you enjoy the animal masks found everywhere at the party? Each one unique, handmade with love by our children of the Milele Education Centre! Thank you to Andrea Küng for your work with our kids! Check out the pictures from "behind the scenes of making the animal masks".

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Sprout pencils

September 25, 2017

Thank you very much to KW open - promotion with respect (Julia Marte) for the donated Sprout Pencils! Our children have gone through a special experience: from pencils given to them, to using them during class time, then planting the leftovers of them, creating a unique hanging garden with their teachers and then watching the plants grow! Magical!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Mombasa International Agiculture Show

September 14, 2017

The members of the agriculture club in our school were rewarded with a visit to the annual "Mombasa International Agricultural Show". It was their first time to visit the show with school and it was a very interesting and educative day, not only for the students but for the teachers as well!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Our volunteer Andrea

September 4, 2017

The 3rd and last term of the year at the Milele Education Centre has started and we reflect on our Volunteer Andr Ea Küng, who transformed the last month of the 2nd term into a magical one! Thank you very much Andrea! Here's her feedback:

"My volunteering at Milele Education Centre was one of the best experiences I made. I experienced how to teach and bring knowledge to the children with little resources and space. Every day I felt the joy of the children learning and the teachers teaching, which made me feel very comfortable at the school. I can feel that the school was built up with a lot of warmth and engagement. During my stay in school I laughed a lot, learned new things, got very creative and had a lot of fun! Thank you very much to the whole team of the Milele Education Centre!"

Thank you Share A Dream!

August 26, 2017

A big thank you goes out to Share A Dream, who have partnered with us, visited our school in Mombasa and came back with this lovely video they made!

You can find the video under "Gallery" and then under "Videos".

Ending of the second trimester

August 7, 2017

The ending of a term is always special for everybody, because the last two days are particularly joyful days. The second last day is a day full of sports and games, our sports day. And the last day is a parents meeting day where they reward the best performing students of every class with little presents. This time, the presents weren't that little, thanks to our volunteer Andrea Küng and her friends from Switzerland. The smartest children now proudly walk around with bulky, big school bags!

By bad luck, the weather didn't allow them to do the traditional sports day, but they found other ways to keep the children and staff happy and busy. To the visitors from Switzerland we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for spending so much time in school and for all the lovely things they brought with them. The children will be eagerly awaiting every closing day for the awesome presents!

Milele Education Centre wishes everybody a wonderful vacation from school and they'll be back again by the end of the month.

Fore more pictures click on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Volunteerin Andrea

August 3rd, 2017

Hip hip hooray to our volunteer Andrea Küng!


The past weeks with you in our partner school were wonderful, enjoyed by all children and staff. Your contribution has had a big impact on the children, whether it was the mathematics lessons, the new games and songs learned, the swimming lessons or - most loved by all! - the creative arts lessons! You taught the children precious things they won't forget. And for this we thank you from deep of our hearts. You are already being missed and we hope to welcome you back to the school one day again! Ahsante sana & karibu tena! Love from the Milele Family, of which you are now part of!

Many beautiful pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

A new era of playing

July 26th, 2017

A new aera is beginning, an aera of playing in school!


With the motto "learn to play and play to learn" they were able to introduce legos for all the nursery and lower primary children, donated by Lego Denmark through SOS Children's Villages Kenya. We say thank you for the toys and are grateful that our partner school Milele Education Centre is among the chosen school's for this pilot project! The children love to play, socialise and get creative with these toys!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Tooth brush & tooth paste

July 10th, 2017

Thank you International Medical Aid!


We appreciate your coming, your time and the donation of the tooth brushes and tooth pastes to all our 300 children in school. Now everybody knows how to properly wash their hands and brush their teeth. Our children went home with smiling faces, proud of the goodies given.

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Music festival 2017

June 28th, 2017

Last month the long awaited Music Festival has taken place, an event that everybody was looking forward to. On last year's first participation they were already quite successful, but for this year they wanted to take themselves further. This time more classes, more children and more different items were performed. Compared to last year they didn't only do the traditional songs & dances, they added the categories of poems in kiswahili, english and even french! And they succeeded more than they did last year: with the french choral poem they even reached level 3 out of 4 (1. level subcounty, 2. level county, 3. level regional, 4. and highest level national: you can perform in front of the president!). The children have learnt a lot, they grew a lot, they worked hard and practised countless hours, they enjoyed the many matatu (bus) rides to the festivals in different places and had all the fun. Wonderful days spent together and unforgettable memories created together!

Find all the lovely pictures of the music festival on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Sports day with parents

June 23rd, 2017

Yehey! Another sports- and fun day has taken place yesterday. Again, they added something new to this ever exciting event: they invited the parents of the children to join the sports day. From Class 1 - 8 (almost 200 children) plus parents & staff, we divided into 7 competing teams. And the winner is: team KALI! Congratulations to the team members!


After this really exciting and also exhausting day, they go into their deserved rest. It's mid-term break and from today everyone is enjoying a very long weekend, back to school on Tuesday. For Monday (public holiday), we wish our muslim friends happy "Eid al-Fitr"!

More pictures of this joyful event can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Visit of Forever Kids Kenya staff in Mombasa

June 20th, 2017

In the beginning of June, three members of Forever Kids Kenya surprised the students of Milele Education Centre with a visit. They brought not only three Swiss friends with them, but also a famous magician who stunned the kids with his puzzling magic show. The students returned the favor on the last day of the visit when they showed their guests acrobatic figures, dance moves and poem recitations which were in no way less impressive as the magician’s performance.

“It was an emotional moment when the Milele Education Centre opened for the first time its heavy gate for me and I finally had the possibility to meet the lively kids who are so eager to learn”, said Aaron Egolf who supports the school since its inception in 2013 but visited the place for the very first time. “For us it was of upmost importance to personally exchange with teachers and staff on their needs and ideas on how to further improve facilities and the learning environment. We discussed exciting new plans which we are eager to develop further during the next months“, Aaron concluded after a common meeting of Forever Kids Kenya representatives, the school directorate and staff.

During school breaks and after class, the visitors seized the opportunity to play with the kids and perform local dances and group games with them. It was the Swiss “mzungus” with their slightly stiff hips who had to observe carefully and learn from the young experts how it’s done.

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Medical check ups

June 14th, 2017

We are happy to announce that last week another medical camp has taken place at our partner school. All the students including their parents were invited for free medical general check up. It was a successful day and we want to express our gratitude to International Medical Aid with their volunteers and local doctors, who made this event possible. Thank you so much!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Sports lessons

April 25, 2017

Who says you need a fancy hall and proper infrastructure to do a nice and good sports lesson? Our teachers and children are masters in improvising! See for yourself!

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Swimming competition

April 3, 2017

The first trimester of the year is soon coming to an end and tour partner school Milele Education Centre had a quite exciting event they would like to share with you! They participated in their first ever swimming contest against another school from Mombasa. Ten of their boys and girls (newly trained swimmers) competed against experienced swimmers and succeeded big time! We are so proud of our children!

The pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

New volunteers

March 8, 2017

We had a wonderful time with our latest volunteers Céline Kramer ​ and Sim Pol, who spent the last 2 weeks at the Milele Education Centre. There was a lot of laughter, fun times, they learnt new things, got creative, played games, taught swimming and did some wood work in school. We appreciate your time and efforts and hope you come back again one day! Milele misses you already! Asante sana na karibu tena! <3

More pictures can be found on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Surprise visit

February 18, 2017

What a surprise! Our former volunteer Madam Nadine came for a short visit with her friend Julia to meet the teachers and specially the children almost 1 1/2 years after her volunteering. It was indeed a surprise and a wonderful get together and we look forward to her next visit ❤ Karibu sana!

Bubbles show

February 8, 2017

A few days ago we welcomed Jake, Tom & Esther at our school. They came to entertain the children and present a special show for them: a bubbles show! The children were excited and chased the bubbles all afternoon long. After the bubbles they had an artistic session where the guys showed the children some tricks and tried new things out with them!

Check out the pictures on the  Facebook page of our partner school.

It is Lego time!

February 3, 2017

It's Lego time! Many children grow up playing with Lego's and know everything about them - not so the children of Milele Education Centre. Curiosity, excitement and happiness came up when the Lego's were brought for them to play. And they could play with them forever! 😄 Asante sana to Stéphanie Gilliéron for your Lego donation!

More pictures can be seen on the Facebook page of our partner school.

Swimming lessons

January 26, 2017

The new school year has started and one Class was waiting for this moment to come since the day the swimming lessons were introduced last year: Class 5 finally found the swimming lessons on their timetable. And yesterday was the premiere - an enjoyable day for everyone!

For more pictures please click on the Facebook page of our partner school.

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